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Really? You're outraged that the same company who never left Tiger's side during his darkest days is going to brag that he's back on top? This is the same company who felt the need to remind us that Charles Barkley is not a role http://www.banyancovers.com/jordan-3-c-3.html model, who let Lebron James sarcastically ask the public "Should I be who you want me to be?", And the same company who still to this day leads us to believe Michael Jordan gained sainthood at some http://www.banyancovers.com/jordan-5-c-6.html point.

Nike has been telling us for years "we don't care what you think of our morals, just buy our stuff because it's the best in the world." Nike does not care what I think of their sweatshops, as long as I continue to wear my Shoxx and Air Force Ones. So let's stop treating Nike like we expect them to be this ethically sound company that cares what people think of them, let's treat them like the best sports apparel company in the world who's going to continue to make morally poor decisions, notapologizefor it and people will keep buying their stuff anyway.

for the same reason that any company will hire famous or well known people in that area to try and sell a product. If http://www.banyancovers.com/jordan-6-c-7.html Nike makes the best golf clubs in the world, but the best golfer in the world is swinging taylormade clubs it creates a discrepancy in the image their trying to sell.

Tiger is the best golfer and is a Nike athlete, Lebron James is the best basketball player and is also a Nike athlete. Nike just struck a deal with the whole NFL aside from endorsing single http://www.banyancovers.com/jordan-12-c-2.html stars, and a ton of the top baseball players are signing with Nike.

Nike wants to make sure that you see the best athletes in the world using their products because it makes their products in turn look like the best in the world.