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Two ArcheAge Information for all Friends


As you konw, often go to http://www.archeagep.com would be the optimal choice to reading more and newest information about ArcheAge, today, the information is Return restrictions on the purchase of trees akhiumnyh and maintenance work in 18 Jane.

First lets reading the detail Return restrictions on the purchase of trees akhiumnyh

During tehrabot June 18 will be returned to the restriction on the purchase of high-quality seedlings akhiumnyh trees at the Mirage, removed when you install the update 1.8. Purchasing these items will again be available to characters level 50 and above.

If you are planning to stock up seedlings, be sure to do so before the start of prevention.

Now lets continue maintenance work

June 18 from 7:00 to 13:00 Moscow time due to maintenance work will not be available all game servers.

Please note that the end time is indicative and may be changed.

Website, forum and official game community will continue to work as usual.

We apologize for the inconvenience and invite you to continue talking to our official pages about ArcheAge.

During the maintenance work, you can take part in the competition, held in our community in the social network "VKontakte". Test your strength, perform a simple task and win in-game prizes.

You'll Enjoy the Game if Buying ArcheAge Gold from Archeagep.com Is Part of Your Routine.

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