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Federica Peyrolo

Nato/a a: Gravere
Residente a Gravere - Torino
Email sanpey89@hotmail.it
Età 30 anni
Iscritto dal 11/03/2013
Settori artistici


Nata a Susa (TO) il 27 maggio 1989.

2015\2017 LE FRESNOY - Studio national des arts contemporaines, France.

2013 (DNSEP - diplome d'expression plastique) à l’École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts di Le Mans.

2011 diploma accademico presso Accademia Albertina Torino

Attualmente vive e lavora tra Francia e Italia.


Federica art universe never forget a particular attachment to her daily universe; this universe is based on a dual voltage which becomes her art: not leave anything of his past, of childhood and affects and at the same time go towards the new adventure that to be completed will eventually tear it from its original space. Overtake moral attitude (betraying / not betray himself) through an artistic position that change the world vision and that pose the question of origin in examination. Especially in video, photos and installations she has found her forms of expression; through the collective or personal performance she put herself in “the game” and her capacity to interact with others and landscape is the way of evolution of her work.  All the Federica's work reflect how is possible to look to the past to produce new considerations and new developments in the future, time where often the colour and the waiting are a breath.